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I write a bimonthly newsletter for Haven Hospice to help those challenged by life-limiting disease.

Nutrition Nuggets

Here are some links to information about health, nutrition, and exercise:

Center for Disease Control-Nutrition site

Healing Foods Pyramid

This site contains information about clinical research supporting the benefit of a whole-food concentrate.

This is a chapter of an international non-profit organization that works to educate, support, and celebrate food traditions and sustainable food production.

Here's a link to the website of the Institute for Health Solutions as well as a document that defines Developmental Skills Training (now renamed Emotional Brain Training), explains the ways it can be useful, and differentiates it from various types of psychotherapy.

Emotonal Brain Training

Introduction to Developmental Skills Training 

Annie's Organic Buying Club and Homegrown Organics are two buying clubs that provide organic produce and animal products on a weekly basis. Prices are good and both have high quality food. Annie's is based in S. Florida and serves many areas throughout the state while Homegrown is from Ocala and serves only surrounding counties.

Annie's Buying Club

Homegrown Organics

Homegrown's Gainesville site

Here are the fitness organizations that I have certifications with:

ACSM American College of Sports Medicine

NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine

AEA Aquatic Exercise Association

Howard, Charity, Verna, & Gigi Groger, 2006

For more information, call Verna at 352-514-1305

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