Wellness Coaching Works!

Do Any of these Statements Sound Familiar?

I want to eat right, but I don’t have time to cook.

I need to lose weight, but I’ve gained back every pound I’ve ever lost.

Gastric bypass surgery is my only hope.

If only I had more energy…

I know that eating better could help my health,
but where do I start?

I want to find out how to strengthen my immune system. Is it diet,
supplements, exercise or all three? I feel so confused!

Do you want to:
 - Achieve and maintain a healthy weight?
 - Have more energy?
 - Get in shape?
 - Reduce your blood sugar or cholesterol?

Maybe you’ve been struggling with your weight for years.
Perhaps you have heart disease or diabetes and are seeking to improve your health.
Coaching can empower you to achieve lasting weight control, reduce medication, improve your level
of fitness, and/or just feel better!

I’m Verna Groger and together we can transform your dreams and goals
into reality!

Specializing in:
- Weight management
- Improving physical fitness
- Increasing energy levels
- Reducing risk for disease and managing chronic health conditions

Contact Verna for a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

What is Wellness Coaching?

Coaching helps you find what works for you, solutions that suit your needs and preferences. Wellness coaching can encompass nutrition, weight control, fitness, stress management, and chronic health concerns.

As a Registered Dietitian and ACSM-certified Health/Fitness Instructor, I can help you sort through the maze of conflicting nutrition and health information available through all channels of the media today. Via a thorough assessment and analysis of your individual needs, we will develop the ideal diet and wellness program.. that is, one you can enjoy, stick with, and achieve the results you desire.

I will customize a program for you including dietary recommendations and lifestyle modifications to help you achieve optimal vitality and well being. Together we will develop a plan to affect positive change, leading to an improved quality of life.

Why Does Coaching Work?

When you work with a Wellness Coach, you have a partner that provides structure, accountability, expertise and inspiration to enable you to learn, grow, and achieve beyond what you can do alone. As your coach, I can help you set goals, create action plans, and get results.

Coaching has been shown to be one of the most effective strategies for enabling people to improve their lives. The one-on-one approach is especially helpful for making and sustaining lasting change. When a client is fully committed to their program, success in achieving goals is practically ensured.

How Does it Work?

During our initial consultation, we will develop an Action Plan to be put into practice immediately. Although many clients begin seeing results within the first week or two, such as increased energy or a reduction in weight, it is generally those who commit to coaching over at least a few months that achieve longer-lasting results. Old habits that have formed over years are not seamlessly traded for more conscious eating and lifestyle.

Continuing to meet regularly after initial goals are met can aid clients in sustaining motivation and prevent regression into old patterns. This often occurs during periods of increased physical or emotional stress such as during travel, relationship changes, holidays, relocation, death of a loved one or various other challenges.


I will assist you in achieving results in specific area(s) such as weight control, fitness, or wellness. We’ll put together both short and long-term goals, formulating a plan that will allow you to create what you desire. During our sessions, we’ll work out a step-by-step plan to ensure that you accomplish your goals so that you can pursue everything that’s most important to you in life.

Getting Results

The false promises of many weight loss clinics have inclined a sizable percentage to expect miracles overnight. While implementing healthful choices can often reap positive results within days, it is important to realize that truly remarkable changes usually take place through consistent effort over time.

A strong resolve and firm commitment are important for achieving significant changes in body composition and well being. Regular accountability sessions can provide ongoing path corrections and support necessary for maintaining focus. This way, healthy habits become securely established.

Some of the most profound changes that can take place are the acquisition of empowering attitudes and outlooks. The pursuit of health goals, accompanied by the tools, knowledge and encouragement that I provide, reap the rewards and satisfaction of a transformed life.

Sessions take place either in person or via telephone.
As long as you have 30 minutes a week, this can work for you!

Contact me to arrange a 15-minute complimentary call to answer any questions you may have.


I offer two packages, each starting with a 60-90 minute consultation where we design an individualized program with both short and long-term goals. Weekly assessments thereafter will include education, monitoring of progress, and adjustment of parameters if needed.

I have a number of downloadable forms for clients to utilize to track their progress. Participants find these tremendously helpful for accountability and maintaining focus.

We will identify changes that you desire to make, establish priorities, and define goals. I can help you find easy and fun ways to increase physical activity, show you how to burn more calories, design a meal pattern according to your tastes with sample menu, demonstrate simple and effective stress busters, cooking time savers, and many other stratagems for transforming your life.

Coaching Times
I can meet with you weekly on Monday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Call me to discuss what times are available.  352-514-1305

Three-Month Program
- During our first meeting I review your medical history, work with you to set long and short-term goals, and create a preliminary plan of action.
- Eleven weekly 30-minute sessions to determine what’s working, uncover hindrances, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles.
- Unlimited email support during the entire three months.
Fee:  $275.00 (This represents a savings of $170. over individual session prices.) Start Today!

One-Month Program
- Initial meeting to review your medical history, work with you to set long and short-term goals, and create a preliminary plan of action.
- Three weekly 30-minute sessions to determine what’s working, uncover hindrances, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles.
- Unlimited email support during the entire month.
Fee:  $125.00.  (Save $45. over individual sessions.) Start Today!

Single Private Sessions
-$65.00 for initial meeting [Sign up Here] and $35.00 for each half-hour session thereafter [Sign up Here]. Content is same as packages above.

  • After completing a program, subsequent packages will be available for a 20% discount.  ($220 for 3 months or $100 for
    1 month.)   Sign up Here.
  • Additionally, you may sign up for individual follow-up sessions after a program at a rate of $30 per half-hour session.  Sign up Here.

If you experience a change in plans during the course of a program or are dissatisfied for any reason, you may request and receive a refund for all remaining sessions.


Insurance Coverage
Most insurance companies will cover up to 80% of the cost of a Physician-Prescribed Nutrition Therapy Consultation or Medical Nutrition Therapy. Some employee benefits plans cover up to $500 for counseling by a Registered Dietitian per year. Typically, weight loss with no other diagnosis, is not covered.
It is a good idea to call your insurance company and ask them these questions:

  • Does my policy cover nutrition counseling by a Registered Dietitian?
  • If so, in what cases?
  • How many visits am I entitled to?

A physician referral is most often required for coverage.

Financial Need
For those unable to pay standard rates, I am willing to accept whatever you can afford. No one is ever turned down solely on the basis of insufficient funds.

Cancellation Policy
24-hour cancellation requested. Please respect my time and effort by letting me know in advance when your plans have been unavoidably changed. Otherwise, subsequent appointments may be jeopardized.

For more information, call Verna at 352-514-1305.

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